“Great fun”

Really friendly and welcoming staff. They were very knowledgeable about the island and the surrounding waters. lovely relaxed atmosphere- amazing photo opportunities. janaaaaaa2000

“Better than EXCELLENT!”

Mamma Mia option – All-day cruise 10 am – 6 pm Scheduled itinerary – first stop La Lira, then Skopelos Old Town and the Mamma Mia Chapel. Always subject to the Captain’s discretion and on the day of our trip the itinerary was changed once we were at sea due to strong winds and choppy seas. I initially felt disappointed but when we made our first stop at Kastani beach I was deliriously happy as it wasn’t on the itinerary after an hour or so we moved on to Skopelos Old Town and then into what I thought was our last stop the Mamma Mia chapel. I was over the moon when the Captain advised everyone of the improved sea conditions and our last stop was going to be La Lira – what an incredible bonus – well-done Captain and thank you Poseidon cruises for an EXCELLENT trip len_green50 

“… Great Job”

I read all the reviews on here and decided this was the trip for us (just the wife and myself). Had a wander around the harbor mid-week and haggled our tickets in advance for 20euro each for the Saturday trip, Church, Skopelos, Beach. It was well worth the price indeed, although busy we couldn’t fault it at all. The boat was clean and although seemingly full everyone was seated without problems. All in all an excellent day out for not a lot of money. I don’t think we would have got better value anywhere else. Phil T

“Absolute bargain and a fabulous day”

Enjoyed the day cruise to visit the Mamma Mia church, Skopelos, and Lalaria Beach and can’t believe how good value it was at €25 each. It’s a good-sized boat with plenty of seating and they take you right up to the beaches. There is s small bar for drinks onboard. You’ll need to be good with heights for the Mamma Mia bit…the steps off the beach are steep enough without those up to the church! Skopelos is fab and the two hours for lunch is perfect…and then you finish at Lalaria Beach. Stunning blue water and a white pebble beach. If you can, swim out and through the hole in the rock. The perfect end to a great day out. 7LAN

“A wonderful day out!”

We booked the Skopelos, Mama Mia Chapel, and Lalaria cruise at 25euro, and frankly didn’t expect much for such a reasonable fee. The trip turned out to be VERY good. The first stop Lalaria beach (the one with the rock arch) was, a little underwhelming. The water is crystal clear and lovely for a swim, but the beach itself is shingle and rock and not that amazing. We decided to stay on the boat (which drops people off and then anchors off the shore) and this was lovely and relaxing. Then off to the Mama Mia chapel, which was amazing, but a very steep climb to the top!. Then we finished with 2 hours in Skopelos town which was sophisticated and charming. The boat has good facilities and a bar. Yes, there was Abba music! Yes, there was Greek music! but we didn’t find this intrusive as everyone seemed to be enjoying it in the holiday spirit. On the journey back to Skiathos town the staff throw bread to the seagulls who follow the boat! the generates huge flocks of the things which came swooping over the boat!. I thought this was wonderful, but not everyone liked this. Overall a terrific day. We were out from 1000-1830, all for 25Euro, Great value. Colin J 

“Υπέροχη κρουαζιέρα!!”

Έχω έρθει 3 συνεχόμενα καλοκαίρια στη Σκιάθο και έχω κάνει κρουαζιέρα με διάφορες εταιρείες. Ο Poseidon είναι αυτός που σίγουρα θα πρότεινα, καθώς ως μεγαλύτερο καράβι, η όποια κρουαζιέρα είναι και πιο άνετη από το να πας με ψαροκάικο ή κάτι μικρότερο, ειδικά όταν έχει μποφόρ. Ευγενέστατο προσωπικό και τήρηση του προγράμματος φυσικά είναι στα συν του. Konstantina M


WOW! Okay so I went on this tour twice, it was the Mamma Mia Tour. The first time we went out the water was too choppy so they didn’t take us to the Mamma Mia Church and we were devastated. Then we asked every boat tour if they were going to go and no one gave us a straight answer, so Poseidon told us they’d only charge us 10 to go on the tour again and they will see about going to the Church. Miraculously, we headed to the Church and when we got there the captain said, I did this for you! I hope you enjoy it, well we did and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. toriwes

“Fantastic Value for a Day’ Cruising”

We had a fab time on the trip that took you around the island of Skopelos that included a drop-off to the chapel used in the film Mama Mia. The cruise includes a trip to Skopelos Town for lunch and then to Mēliá Beach where the beach bar had a DJ playing – don’t worry if that’s not your thing, you don’t have to walk far to have peace and quiet whilst you sunbathe – the water there is crystal clear.

Tip: Make sure you get to the boat early (45 mins before departure) to bag the best seats for the day’s voyage! Alistair63

“We Love Poseidon Cruises”

We have spent excellent boat trips with Poseidon cruises. They offer very good service at a fair price. If you plan to go to Lalaria beach, St. John chapel and Skopelos town you should choose this company while staying at Skiathos. Marko M

“Ottimo tour a Skopelos”

8h di piacevole escursione, 3 tappe tutte bellissime, tempi di sosta ottimali per godere di ogni location. Personale gentile e imbarcazione grande e pulita. Soddisfatti. Giulia

“A stunning day trip in Skiathos”

We did the day trip around Skiathos Island on the MV Poseidon. The crew was great and the boat was hardly crowded at all, being the start of the season. Swimming at beautiful Latharia beach. Coffee stops at Kastro, the old town, and then to the mainland for a lovely lunch and then back to Skiathos Old Port. All for 20 euro per head. A magical day. John C 

“Excellent trip”

..what an excellent trip, stopped first at the most beautiful beach and then onto the famous mama Mia church and walked to the top which was excellent but not for the faint-hearted, then onto Skopelos, a beautiful town to visit. I really recommend this very good value for money and this is the only one that stops at the church all the others just sail by, Thanks Natalie W

“Our Mama Mia Trip”

We booked our trip with this company for a Mama Mia tour on the advice of the local tourist information center and I must say it was definitely the right choice. ( The lady in the tourist center was very helpful). We boarded the boat at 10 am and our first stop was the Mama Mia church. This is the only boat that pulls onto the beach so you can walk up to the church. It was a jaunt put we were determined to do the 193 steps. When you reach the top the views were amazing. Our next stop was the island of Skopelos and we had a lovely lunch in the harbor with our 2-hour stay. We then went on to visit one of the beaches where filming took place. This tour lasted until 6.15 pm and we paid 25 euros each. Well worth the money, the crew were fantastic and we had a brilliant day. When we go back to Skiathos we will do this tour again. Sit on the right side to see the lovely coastline. Steveparsons 2016

“Mamma Mia”

The Poseidon operated a Mamma Mia-themed cruise between Skiathos and the neighboring island of Skopelos. The itinerary included St. John’s Chapel (which is featured in the wedding scene) Skopelos Town and the protected Lalaria beach, on the north coast of Skiathos. You’ll need to be fit to ascend several hundred steps to the chapel perched on top of the cliff and a strong swimmer to negotiate the waves breaking at Lalaria. A wide choice of shops and restaurants ensured a relaxing lunchtime in Skopelos Town and a thoroughly enjoyable day. Graham B 

“la rifarei”

Ottima esperienza bella e comoda nave ,tante tappe,tanti bagni ,tante spiagge piacevoie anche il mini pranzo a bordo (panino,maxi pesca,vino o bibita fresca)
prezzo molto basso considerando quelli offerti dalla concorrenza conclusione bella giornata bella esperienza
da provare sicuramente. ERNESTOCOMO 

“Day trip around the islands 🌴”

Great day out from 9.30 until 6.30 touring a few islands going to the church where Mama Mia was filmed in Skopelos, which was more beautiful than on the town and a gorgeous beach. Very reasonably priced. Beverley O

“Excellent day out and great value for money”

We have just come back from a great day out. All ran on schedule boat was very nice and all trips to the church, Skopelos town, and the beach were excellent and prompt. Professional and well run, and a great way to all the sites in one day! I would say this is not ideal if you have mobility restrictions as the church steps walk is quite steep and uneven and not for the faint-hearted! Charley

“Fantastic Day Trip”

We had a great time on the Mamma mia day trip. Beautiful beaches, amazing views, and a fantastic boat and staff. One of the best days we had in Skiathos. So nice that the captain allowed two dogs to come on the boat with us. Made our trip even better. Geo 

“Fabulous day trip!”

Great trip very long and tiring but well worth it. Gets very busy but what do you expect a tourist destination that has to rely on just a few months for revenue. Walked all the way up to the chapel. Very scary and not for anyone with mobility issues but the views were breathtaking. Skopelos was a pretty town very similar to Skiathos. The staff on board were helpful and friendly. Mamma Mia music all the way. What’s to complain about it’s a Mamma Mia tour!!!!! Loved the whole day. Even my partner who endures Mamma Mia for me loved it. Very reasonable. Book from them at the harbor in Skiathos town. Louise H